10 Industries Billionaires Are Investing In 2022

There are currently 2755 billionaires in the world 660 of them became rich last year. Many of them got way richer during the pandemic with Elon musk leading the pack who pretty much doubled his net worth this year. U.S. startups raised almost 240 billion dollars you'd think that most of them got rich from investments and technology but the industries billionaires are investing in are more diversified than you'll think. By the end of this blog, you'll have a pretty good grasp of where the wealthy are placing their bets in 2022 and how you can join them yourself.

10. Immortality

Yes, a bit of an exaggeration but anti-aging startups are on the rise. Do you know what Jeff Bezos is doing after stepping down as amazon's CEO investing in alto's lab a startup that aims to use biotechnology to make people younger as scientists try to reconfigure death billionaires are looking into how to increase their lifespan, so they can live longer to enjoy the wealth they've created?

9. Tech

No surprising tech is still on the list but something really interesting is happening this year. U.S. startups raised over 240 billion dollars breaking all records never before did we see this many startups popping off and the main reason for this is the pandemic most of these startups are in the tech industry and are focused on making work from home more enjoyable. Think how big zoom has become it's estimated that this trend will continue in years to come with the same sharp focus on remote work.

8. Retail

Bill Ackman said the wealthiest people work in retail. You think about retail as just a segue for a second yeah the wealthiest people in the world are retailers in every country whether it's the Waltons in the united states or whether it's the guy who owns Ikea and Sweden or the Indiglo. you know japan the Inditex in Spain if you get a retailer fixed if you get a good model and you can replicate. It's about the best way to make money ever when you look at the wealthiest families in the U.S. most of them are in retail and here's the interesting thing when NFTS becomes mainstream retail will transform into a whole different beast. It's one of the hardest industries to get into but probably one of the easiest ones to make money once you do there are a lot of big names going into the virtual goods business and while you make fun of right-clicking saving jpegs others are making millions.

7. Services

When people think about the next big thing they tend to go really far into the future flying cars, teleportation, youtube videos without ads who knows what the future holds but many times big money is being made from simple things made easier. let's look at Doordash it's a pretty straightforward delivery app valued at 2.1 billion dollars they found the right market they made things easy and they won the food delivery game. Making investors rich in the process every time an everyday task is made easier billionaires will jump at the opportunity to invest in it.

6. Real Estate

This industry is pretty much a full-proof way of investing money. It's always going up unless 2007 happens again which you know could become reality given how banks are approving loans left and the right interesting point here though if water levels go up the way they say and Miami is renamed Atlantis guess, which regions will see a huge increase in price also since coveting made remote work the new reality. There's no reason for you to spend 3k a month on a closet in new york more and more real estate opportunities are showing up and we might be in an early stage of the real estate revolution and how about digital real estate when you buy digital land in a game in the form of an nft like Adidas buying digital land in the sandbox.

5. Cyber Security

Here's a fun fact the cost of cybercrime in 2021 alone is around 6 trillion, no matter the business some parts of it are online every week there's more news of data breaches hacks scams, and all sorts of fun stuff you want to hear about from your trusted we protect your data company, so there's no surprise that cyber security is an industry billionaire are keeping an eye on it's estimated that the global spending on cyber security will increase by 7 to 14 times in the next five years, and will most likely go even higher in the future. It's a long-term investment and we already see huge cyber security businesses popping up and speaking of cyber security complete privacy online is hard to get these days unless you use a VPN.

4. EV Industry

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation not only for cars but for transporting goods too. Just a couple of days ago the world's first electric cargo ship hit the water gas cars are a dying industry. Norway for example just banned the sale of gas cars after 2025. Kathy wood made investment history with her bet on tesla back in 2020 and we all know how that went it'll be interesting to see who will win the electric car game in the future.

3. Space Industry

Look space billionaires might look ridiculous right now but space travel as an industry now that's something worth talking about if anything good comes from the space race between billionaires. It's the realization that space travel really isn't that far in the future if you think about it if a company comes out and makes space tourism a casual thing it's pretty much over. Russia already plans to build a nuclear power station on mars and by the way do you know who owns mars the planet. Everybody there's an actual outer space treaty that states that nobody can own a celestial body we're curious to see how long that treaty will last.

2. Crypto Blockchain and Defy

CoinBase had a great IPO last year the company is valued at 86 billion dollars. A lot of people made a lot of money from those early investments. There's also an increasing number of institutional investors who get into crypto buying every dip including entire countries like El Salvador. By the way, did you know they plan to build a  bitcoin city in El Salvador, it's gonna be really interesting to watch and see how that develops regarding decentralized finance or defy a lot of people to believe? This is where finance is going billionaire investor Mark Cuban believes that defy will pose a real threat to financial banking.

1. Metaverse (FaceBook)

Those of you who didn't watch our metaverse video click in the top right corner so you can know what we're talking about investors poured billions into making the metaverse a reality gaming augmented reality and virtual worlds are the top industries to watch in the following years there's already been more than 10 billion invested in this space across 612 deals we are super early in this revolution and the changes are coming gradually but once it's clear where we're headed things will drastically change at a much faster rate the convergence of these technologies will completely change how we do things we're entering a new era a luxury we mentioned earlier that Adidas bought up digital land in the sandbox and this is just a hint of what's to come so don't get left behind the best way to secure yourself and your finances in times of massive change is to keep your mind sharp and never stop learning.

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