10 Sports Rich People Follow That You Don't

When it comes to sports rich people are handling things differently than the rest while average folks are watching the sport for entertainment the wealthy are following the sport, so they can be more savvy investors and boost their earnings with that said. let's take a closer look at 10 sports rich people always have on their radar let's go.

10. American Football

Let's start off with this the NFL is the highest-grossing sport in us and it typically increases year over year. In 2021 total revenue for all NFL teams was estimated to be over 15 billion dollars and if that's not the reason enough consider the league's biggest annual event. The super bowl which last year generated almost 450 million dollars in advertising revenue and that's because the general us public loves their football people live and die by their teams. They'll watch at home, they'll spend hundreds on tickets and thousands on merch and while average fans are hollering in the stands these wealthy investors are perched in their skyboxes talking shop and making deals. That's their game of choice.

9. Skiing

Skiing trips to the alps aren't a myth, skiing is attractive to the wealthy for a few reasons, it's expensive involves luxurious locations and resorts, and is overall pretty exclusive as a result. You'll be rubbing shoulders with like-minded folks in these places no one will be looking for advice or a handout unless they have something just as valuable to offer you in return however rich people follow this winter sport for various reasons first things first it's all about technique and discipline which business owners really appreciate as it's exactly what you need to be a wealthy entrepreneur not to mention watching these athletes push beyond what was once thought to be impossible fires them up as entrepreneurs are constantly trying to do the same in their own way.

8. car racing

We know what you're about to say you love watching formula one. However, when it comes to millionaires and billionaires following car races is more than just watching verse strap and drifting and trying to beat hamilton instead it's more like market research formula one is for car racing. What the super bowl is for the NFL is not only is the competition engaging and completely immersive but it's a great opportunity for businesses to showcase and advertise their brand. Next time you watch a race take a look at the banners on the track on the cars and on the suits and give that a thought.

7. Horse Riding

Horse riding and racing go without saying this side of the sporting industry is big luxurious and valuable. Horse related costs alone are a lot between one hundred thousand and three hundred thousand dollars to buy a thoroughbred horse and about another 50k a year to care for and feed them, which is why horse racing has been associated with royalty for a long time even before it was a more available form of entertainment. Almost anyone can afford to place a few dollars bet on their favorite breed but the wealthy aren't betting on horses they're buying them because owning and racing them is definitely a business. A business that brings in some major bugs the Everest horse race in Sydney is the richest race on turf in the world and in 2020 the prize pool was no less than 15 million dollars.

6. Cricket

Cricket this one's kind of funny, do you know why despite its popularity cricket hasn't been included at the Olympics since the summer games of 1900 because only two teams would play France and England. There is however a hope it'll be included in the 2028 games in Los Angeles but until that point, this is exactly what makes cricket popular amongst billionaires. It's rarity and uniqueness but what exactly are the game's rules well, first of all, you need two teams of 11 players each the opposing team is usually called the fielding team while the one sitting at the bat is you're right the batting team. The purpose of this game is to mainly bowl the ball hit the striker's wicket and break it. It is one kind of resembles baseball but there are a few noticeable differences between them. The richest cricket player in the world is Indian athlete Sachin Tendulkar whose net worth is over 150 million dollars.

5. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is the national winter sport of Canada and you'd be mistaken to assume it's easy to play. Think about it you're strapping blades on your feet running around the ice chasing a puck with a stick attempting to slap it into a net all while avoiding the other team's defenses and trying not to be slammed into a wall. The best players though they make it look like some kind of rendition of swan lake brutally graceful and as you can imagine for a full-contact sport like this good gear is very expensive but that's not. Why billionaires are paying attention there is a lot of money to be made owning teams like these as well china is set to host the 2022 Olympics which got Chinese billionaires more interested in the NHL as all the league's top players to fill up team rosters of various countries at the winter games namely Canada, USA, Russia, Finland, and Sweden, and did you know the highest paid NHL player is Canadian Conor McDavid who's earning 16.4 million dollars during the 2021-22 season.

4. Fencing

Fencing is a rather fancy sport that was first designed to train knights to hold and handle weapons in fencing opponents. Hold the sword known as an epay and use it for both attacking the opponent and defending from their moves even if its origins date back to ancient Egypt. Fencing only became a popular sport in the late 19th century and in 1896 fencing for men became part of the Olympic games. Finally in 1924 fencing events for women were added to the Olympics better late than never right and while it started as night training these days fencing is more so a sport that rich people are interested in following and playing for pleasure as it comes with noble and aristocratic history. Something wealthy people always appreciate and surprisingly in comparison to other athletes professional. Fencers don't make that much only about 37 000 which is nothing next to Connor McDavid's 16.4 million dollars.

3. Lacrosse

We covered Canada's national winter sport and while a lot of folks don't know it. Lacrosse is the country's national summer sport probably because it's like hockey you play on the graphs in this team sport you use a long-handled stick with a small rocket-like net attached to the upper side to catch and carry a small heavy rubber ball as you race to the opponent's side of the field back in the 13th century more than 500 people used to join this fast-paced sport. All at once which often led to injuries and even death eventually though lacrosse became a training tactic for combat since it refined both physical and mental endurance of players who were often soldiers these days though teams are formed by both men in teams of 10 and women in teams of 12. The richest former lacrosse players are chase Coleman iii with an estimated net worth of 10.3 billion dollars and joseph tsai worth over 8.7 billion dollars.

2. Polo

Polo with horses, when we think of horse polo games what comes to mind is majestic and extremely expensive. It's being named the sport of kings and we agree the first polo game was played in Persia which at the time was the Perthian empire so you might just guess how old. It really is polo with horses started as a means for training cavalry units but it shortly expanded and became the national sport of Persia and for the time it was pretty progressive both men and women would play on mixed teams. The players need to master equitation and they're only allowed to hit the ball with the mallet they hold in their right hand. You've got to be a team player as well and that doesn't always make it easier but why do rich people follow this sport though. Well aside from its history and tradition it's also pretty exclusive to the upper echelons of society and much like horse racing, there's some big money here the horse industry itself has a global value of over 300 billion dollars.

1. Golf

Golf is a rich man sport and that's probably not going to change anytime soon because as much as they love watching it they also love playing it but aside from being a fairly exclusive sport with lux country club vibes, it also gives successful people on the course. The chance to meet like-minded individuals and discuss new ideas and make plans for the future needless to say the equipment itself costs thousands of dollars per year and a membership to a nice golf club will easily set you back at least ten thousand dollars annually and we also can't ignore the relaxation side of the sport if it's a solo game. It's just your caddy and some beautiful vistas as you spend some time deep in thought thinking about your next moves. The richest golf player in the world is Tiger Woods whose net worth is over 800 million dollars.

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